Turf Aeration
Promotes a lush, healthy and drought resistant lawn by relieving soil compaction and allowing fertilizers, water and oxygen better access to turf roots. The resultant increase in soil microbes helps break down thatch naturally.
Wet turf areas, mole holes and exposed roots all present hazards and reduced usability for lawns. Topdressing is a great service for these problem areas!  The process of applying organic soil, sand, or a mix of the two to the surface of turf helps firm up the ground for ease of use and reduction of rutting.
This is particularly effective when performed in conjunction with aeration as some of the soil mix falls into the aeration holes to help alter the soil structure. Some of the many benefits of topdressing are:

  • Helps control thatch
  • Provides nutrients
  • Helps the soil retain and release nutrients
  • Helps suppress disease-causing bacteria and fungi and insects
  • Improves the turf root system
  • Stimulates microbiological activity
  • Neutralizes the PH of the soil
  • Helps the soil structure in retaining water
  • Helps repair damages caused by winter or drought, insects
  • Improves poor turf density

Commercial Lanscaping Maintenance
Turf Aeration and Topdressing create greater sustainability in your landscape by promoting the reduction of fertilizer, pesticides and water use while actually improving the look of turf.

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